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industrial door opener




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Safety is the key aspect that FMK garage door openers  provide. Thanks to DC technology, it guarantees to bring a better safe choice for garage door manufacturers. The innovated Auto Adaptive System (AAS) also gives great convenience for installers and door manufacturers.


Adjustable opening & closing speed. The speed is adjustable to allow the proper functionality on any dimension of doors on the market. The proper speed for opening and closing is one of the key aspects for safety and durability. The speed is free to be adjusted from 10 rpm to 24 rpm.


The industrial door opener is designed to be compatible with 25.4mm & 31.75mm shafts and with either 220V or 400V electrical sources. Couplers and power plugs are available accessories that are easy and quick solutions to supply.  This brings real convenience for installation work.

About FMK

Thanks to our advantageous location in central Europe, we can comfortably and quickly serve our customers from all over Europe. With a well-cooperated team at FMK motorized, we focus on the supply of competitive professional industrial door openers, garage door openers, accessories and relative safety IoT accessories for smart garage, smart yard and smart logistics.

FMK motorized DC & FC series sectional door openers are created in the way of creative design and appearance, user functions, ensuring safety and reliable performance. All of our products are tested and certified by TÜV for use in the EU.

With our commitment to quality products, innovative designs and comprehensive services, FMK motorized products will be your best choice for home and industrial automation.

Faster delivery

Since we are located in the center of Europe, we are able to provide our customers with fast delivery and after-sale services. We guarantee 3-7 day delivery all throughout Europe. (distance dependent)


F-linX is a powerful App platform which is based on residential, commercial and industrial door and gate openers. It contains almost all the basic functions like open / stop / close the door or gates, partial open, LED light control, auto close, force margin, and so on. All of them can be set through our F-linX App.

Postman Function

With F-LinX you'll always know whats going on at home, even while you're away. Let in the postman for expected deliveries. Its peace of mind in the palm of your hand for your convenience and so you can enjoy your holiday rest assured.

Effective & Unique

When after-sales maintenance is needed, end users just have to save the operation report in F-linX and send it to door manufacturers or automation distributors to find out the specific problem with the help of the report. 

Remote control

Open, close and check the status of your garage door from anywhere.

Easier & Timely

An after-sales engineer, who is specialized in the problem, will soon come for maintenance and servicing. F-linX is the effective and unique bridge between end users, door manufacturers or automation distributors.


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