Company Profile

FMK motorized s.r.o. is located in the Czech Republiconly 250 km from the capital city of Prague.

Thanks to our advantageous location in central Europe, we can comfortably and quickly serve our customers from all over Europe. With a well-cooperated team at FMK motorized, we focus on the supply of competitive professional industrial door openers and garage door openers. These products use DC high technology and programming ability.

Product development

We focus on innovation and high-technology research to provide cutting-edge products and services to our global partners. Consistent efforts for safety and efficiency are being made to improve garage and industrial door performance. 

Surface Mounting Technology

* BGJ73-84 working environment

* Japanese SMT machine

Mechanical Parts Processing

* High-precision lathe machine

* Fine surface treatment

Coordinate Measuring Machine

* High-precision lathe machine

* Fine surface treatment

Visual Detector

* Detect whether the limit worm of the output shaft is within the tolerance range

Manufacturing Quality Control

Raw material purchasing, spare parts processing, product manufacturing, finished product testing: we pay attention to the quality control of all these processes. Each process has a strict specification.

Assembling and Testing

All of our workers are well trained and experienced. Most of them have worked in our factory for more than 5 years.  Each of our assembly processes have strict operating specifications.

lifting force test
High and low temperature test
Force margin test
Water-proof test
Functional testing

Before we release our products to the market, allnew samples will have a series of strict functional tests, such as high and low temperature tests, lifting force tests and force margin tests, etc.  To ensure that each batch of products is qualified, we will also take a certain percentage of products for testing during mass production.


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